Master the 2 Pillars of healthy, happy relationships

Join Relational Life Therapy Couples Coach Kassandra Brown and her guest Financial Advisor as they explore “Wealth and Intimacy”. In this mini-workshop we’ll have fun and learn:

  • 2 mistakes everyone makes with investing,
  • 3 reasons why intimacy fizzles into roommates (or worse),
  • 4 actions to apply immediately that increase money and connection in your life.

We guarantee you will walk away with at least one insight that rocks your world or your money back. 

Join us March 10, 4 to 5 pm at BoCo Cider. Your $10 ticket gets you access to all the great interactive learning plus a free cider or non-alcoholic beverage. Arrive on time. You won’t want to miss a minute!

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BoCo Cider is located at 1501 Lee Hill Rd, Unit #14 Boulder, Colorado, 80304

Date: March 10

Time: 4 -5 pm

Free drink and workshop included with ticket purchase.


Managing our money with budgeting, investing, and retirement can feel daunting and many of us anxiously put it off “until later”. Our Financial Advisor is a heart-centered woman who will walk you through every step with a fabulous blend of kindness and intelligence so you can realize your financial goals and relax about your future.


Do you long for intimacy but find you can’t attract the right partner? Or you have a relationship that touched your soul but now your partner reminds you of your parents? You aren’t crazy and you don’t need to settle. Kassandra will send you home with simple and effective steps to create the intimate relationship you long for.

the best cider in boulder

Hard Cider made the Boulder way. 12+ house-made ciders on Tap. Unfiltered. Unpasteurized. Gluten Free. No Added Sulfites. Enjoy one complimentary drink with your ticket purchase

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